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Writer's Block: Happy go lucky
Do you believe some people are more fortunate than others or do you think people create their own luck? In your opinion, are some people cursed?

I'd say yes to answer each question...

Some people are more fortunate than others... Some are born into it, some work their asses off for it, and some fall ass backwards into it. A good question to rebut with, however, would be: What would you really consider fortunate? Do you think of it as being all the bullshit from the greeting cards, or do you like to keep it cut and dry, basing your estimation upon accumulation of material assets? I think that everybody, whether they realize it or not, is fortunate in their own way, just as much as they may be unfortunate. Why? ...Because they know the unique sequence of experiences that is comprised to become their life. Being fortunate really is learning from mistakes and rolling with the punches, developing the self esteem and courage enough to deal with the really bad situations in life and not kill one's self in the process.

Luck, as far as I'm concerned, is nothing more than an illusion. Some people do get lucky... I've gotten lucky... but all the things that one might consider me lucky to have, in reality, if I didn't earn it, I was most likely manipulative enough to acquire with my Bennylicious charm. I don't sit on my ass all day hoping to get lucky, like some people do... If I want something badly enough, I try to the best of my abitlity to make it within my reach. If not, at least I tried. So, in essence, I don't wholly believe in luck, but I do believe in rotten luck, which leads to the last portion of the question...

I can't state it as a fact, but I think curses must exist... because I know a couple people who do their damndest to get things going in the right direction, but the end result is not only miserable failure, but the disgraceful collapse and subsequent mushroom cloud. It may be that somewhere along the line, they left something vital, yet seeming as a miniscule problem at the time, up to chance. There are some people who probably think they're cursed, but they're really just not adept enough to figure out how to get what they want. Then there are some people who just plain get beat down every time it comes down to the end of things... great example: The Buffalo Bills. 'nuff said. Of course If they spent nearly as much time running excercises as they did pissing and moaning about their lousy contracts, they might actually win a Superbowl.


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