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Writer's Block: Entertainment Center
How has technology changed the way you watch movies and listen to music?

I seem to favor music that pushes creative boundaries, more than anything, but after a few listens, I tend to become critical of the recording technology used... Most particularly, I harp on the audiological presence of drums and bass. Sometimes, if I mess around with the EQ a little, I am able to enhance the sound of the music, to become more enjoyable. There are a large number of albums and songs that I'd love to hear done with their original attitude, with today's technology. Some was perfect the way it was.

With movies, I'm not so critical, but there are some that I just can't sit through, because the special effects are totally lame, compared to today's standards, or the action sequences are badly choreographed. Take for instance the evolution of James Bond...

Sean Connery, Timothy Dalton and Roger Moore were all great actors at that point in time, but they apparently didn't know how to fight for shit. They all threw punches like they had sticks up their asses. Pierce Brosnan was so-so, as Bond, but then again, I just think he looks like a tool. Daniel Craig... not necessarily fitting the original 'tall, dark and handsome' polished Bond image, made up for it with outstanding acting, as well as completing brutal fighting scenes. He actually looks like he has been trained in hand-to-hand combat and didn't appear to bullshit his way through any of it.

Some movies that have interesting enough plots but ended up running short on money for decent special effects or at least a better fight scene choreographer would include those such as: Red Sonja, Mortal Kombat, all the older Bond movies, The Hunt for Red October (...also because Sean Connery shouldn't even attempt to fake a Russian accent, over top of his thicker-than-pea-soup Scottish accent), Clear and Present Danger, Patriot Games.....


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